Sunday, September 23, 2012

brothers and the brotherhood

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I talked to my brother today. He is a cop in Southern California. He called to tell us he made the SWAT team. I asked him what his wife thought about it. He said, "She thinks it's hot". I laughed. Of course she would. I asked him what our mother thought. He said, "I haven't told her yet". I can guarantee you her reaction will be one of fear, worry, and dread. But isn't that how a mother should react? Perhaps. I suspect a mother never stops worrying about her kids and wanting to protec them in anyway she can.

Our conversation got me thinking about my relationship with my brother. When HF was in the academy, he called us often and gave us lots of support, love, and advice. I was able to ask questions, vent, and HF had someone he could trust and talk to that was on the "inside".

When HF graduated, he came to the graduation and the festivities. He was able to present HF his "diploma" as tradition allowed family members who are LEOs to do so. Once again, he was full of support, love, and advice.

When something big happens to HF at work and I have no one to talk to, I call my brother to tell him about it. He calms my worries, offers his support, love, advice, and sometimes calls HF to check on him and commiserate.

As the years are starting to creep by in LEO world, there's been a shift. When something happens to my brother at work, good or bad, he calls me. Sometimes in the middle of his story, littered with 10-codes and the like, he'll pause and ask, "Do you know what I'm saying?" and I can assuredly say, "yes, I know what you are talking about" with a smile on my face as he continues his story.

There's an unwritten code that exists not only among family members, but among the LEO family. It may not click the first few months or years while you are getting your feet wet, but when it clicks, you will know. Your friendships are deeper, your words are more meaningful, and the fear of the unknown is but a distant memory, always in the back of your mind somewhere, recalled on certain days and times as necessary, but you've found your niche. Life goes on as normal as it can be. The difference is your family has expanded, your knowledge has deepened, your purpose is refocused.


Jen Broadwater said...

She probably won't think it's so hot after about a week when the hideous long hours, constant warrants, and untimely call-outs become a quick reality. My spouse is SWAT, and although the costumes are much cooler than his typical sheriff outfit, and he's got a lot of new "toys", it's not as glamorous on the inside as the outside. Congrats to your brother, it is an honor to be part of the SWAT team.

Suzie Ivy said...

This is a beautiful post about the police family. Congratulations to your brother and you are all in my prayers.

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Monique said...

Congrats to your brother for making the SWAT team. That in itself is a huge accomplishment. My husband is a SWAT member and I am so proud of him. It is what he loves, and I completely support it. Yes, it is extra hours but he is out there helping keep the community safe. For that I commend him and love him more. And the bonus...yes it is hot!

A Rookie's Wife said...

I'm a Rookie's wife and it's wonderful to hear that I will be expanding my family in the near future! What an encouraging post! I'd love for you to check out my newly started blog - ARookiesWife.Blogspot.Com. It's always nice to know we're not alone in this! (:

Andrea said...

Hi. I'm a dispatcher working the night shift and trying to find other people to talk to! I'm hoping to find a group of people who can relate to things in the law enforcement field to enjoy talking to. Here's my new site if you have time to stop by, and I'll put a link to your site on my site so we can all find more LEO sites.