Thursday, September 20, 2012

Protect & Serve: Officer Randal Simmons

I was recently contacted by the people at NRA Life of Duty about one of their features specifically, Protect and Serve. They put together a wonderful tribute for fallen LAPD SWAT Officer Randal Simmons. I was touched by this short film and decided that this is the kind of story that needs to be heard by all. It's a wonderful way to remember the lives of those who protect and serve. We need more officers like Randal Simmons. Here's a description from the website about the feature:
LAPD SWAT Officer Randal Simmons was a well respected officer, a loyal husband, a devoted father and a friend to many. But above all else, Randy was a man of tremendous faith ... a man who truly lived to protect and serve.

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Mrs. Trooper said...

Heartbreaking. Thanks for sharing this.