Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Word of the Day: Holster Sniffer

Word of the Day

I always laugh to myself when HF is talking and he throws in "cop slang". Sometimes I have to stop him in the middle of his stories to ask him what he means. Sometimes they forget that not everyone knows what they are saying. For example,  Holster Sniffer.

According to HF: Somebody who is more interested in law enforcement than he is in joining law enforcement, usually in a positive way. They kind of worship cops, might be a wannabe cop, but can't for one reason or another. They might also consider themselves experts without having been there, done that. 

Do you have the same definition as HF? Or does it mean something else where you live?

Also, I just saw that there is an app called Cop Slang. Anyone ever use it? I'm wondering if it would come in handy when hanging with my guy and his cop buddies. . .

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Anonymous said...

I'm from Texas and other LEO Wives and I always thought Holster Sniffers was another cop slang word for: Badge Bunnies. at least thats what we always thought. we may be wrong lol.