Wednesday, January 21, 2009


1. Are you going to watch LOST tonight? I'm so excited!

2. I think I'm going bald. Whenever I comb my hair or take a shower or just run my fingers through my hair, it's like major major clumps of hair come out. I looked it up online and I guess it's normal for the first 3-6 months after delivery. While looking it up online, I saw that doctors removed a 10 pound hairball from an 18 year old girl's stomach. It was DISGUSTING. I guess she ate her hair for years and that's what happened. Now we know that hair cannot be digested incase you were wondering.

3. It's been 3 weeks so far without having Hot Fuzz around. It's going alright actually! I think I've imagined how horrible it would be, that it's not that bad so far.

4. I'm so tired I am seeing spots. I'll think it's a bug or a mouse, but it's just my eyes seeing spots. Has that ever happened to you? Daisy will wake me up and I won't even realize that I had been asleep. Some of the positions I've woken up in? Sitting straight up on the couch biting my tongue. Leaning forward having a conversation with Hot Fuzz and my brother with my hands under my chin. The best ones are when Hot Fuzz gets home from work. He'll find me sitting up in bed with my hand reaching over to turn off the lamp. The lamp is still on. Or, sitting up in bed, slumped over, holding my cell phone mid text. I've also woken up with my elbow in the baby's eye.

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