Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stop! Police! I'm Serious!

Hot Fuzz passed his arrest control defensive tactics final examination. He took 2 days off of work to recover physically. He needed sleep since he is working graves and then attending the academy, and he wasn't hydrating properly, or eating properly, so it's been good to see him get some much needed rest and nourishment. His schedule has made it difficult for him to eat and drink at the right times. He started doing protein shakes and vitamins again and that is helping a ton. I was loving him being home because I was able to go get my hair did and some other things to help me out of my post baby slump and frump. More importantly, I was able to go to the eye doctor and get an eye exam. It's been 10 years at least! They wondered how I even made it to my appointment without glasses. But hey, when you know your city like the back of your hand, who needs glasses?

I know you all love my Calamity Jane updates, or CJ as I'll now refer to her. In her latest scenario, she drew her gun, pointed it up at the ceiling, Charlie's Angels style, and then lowered at the "suspect" and shouted, "STOP! POLICE! I'M SERIOUS!!"

What do you think? If you were the bad guy, and an officer shouted, "I'M SERIOUS!", would you stop? I'm still laughing about this. One guy in HF's class even said, "When I'm feeling really badly about myself and I'm at my lowest, I just think about her saying this. Then I feel better."


Slamdunk said...


Hopefully, you won't be posting Calamity Jane doing this in the future: Police Officer Shoots Self in Finger. The officer involved finished the academy a few months ago.

mrs. fuzz said...

Oh man! I wonder if that guy still has a job. So sad. We lived in KC, MO. for a bit and we LOVED it there. I would move back to the midwest in a heartbeat.