Wednesday, April 8, 2009

fashion police

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CJ's started wearing her giant fashion sunglasses to scenario training at the academy. Before this, she was wearing them to the private shoots on Thursdays that HF's department was holding.

One of the instructors told her, "You need to stop wearing these large fashion glasses and wear sunglasses that offer some kind of safety protection like Oakleys."

"But I need to wear these sunglasses because if I have to squint all the time then I'll get crows feet! And I REALLY can't have crows feet!"

I love me some large glam glasses myself, but there are certain jobs when wearing these would cause an interference. Just to name a few:
  • firefighter
  • paramedic
  • I don't know, POLICE
  • anything in the emergency services, or anything indoors for that matter
Can you think of any jobs where wearing these kind of glasses would be reasonable or permitted?

I really don't want to sound mean. That isn't my point. It's just shocking to me what she does. Like hidden video/prank show/comedy routine shocking. I actually worry that HF's department, in an attempt to hire more women, will hire her despite her lack of competence. She has other reasons why she wants to be a police officer, none of which have anything to do with being a police officer. It blows my mind.

Maybe that's a subject for another time.


MJ said...

Whew, honey! I remember when my cop was going through the Academy... Some of those people had no business whatsoever being a LEO!

Looooooove your blog. So glad you found me!

If you are still looking for police wives, try - It's an online forum for girlfriends and wives. I'm a member, and I know we'd love to have you.

Also, there are quite a few wives on my blogroll, ya just gotta click through to find em.

I'll be back!

Momma Val said...

Oh brother! Though I have worn sunglasses for years hoping to avoid crows feet from squinting I never went to the police academy. What a dimwit to say that out loud when your instructor advises you otherwise. Ding dong! It sounds like alot of this dingyness is thought to be cute or for attention from all the guys. Puh-leaze!!! Wait til she gets out on the street. Ha!

selzach said...

I wonder how long she'll cut it once she gets out of the academy.

Dori said...

The girl is going to get someone hurt! It won't be herself--never works out that way, does it? Like a drunk driver only maims/kills the one they hit and not themselves. I'm worried for Mr. Fuzz too!

Natalie said...

I completely agree with Dori! Sadly, we have a CJ in my man's department, and she wears her designer glasses patroling. Patroling!!! She's also "dating" one of the sergeants, which is beyond inappropriate and ruffles everyone's feathers in the department. She's known as Beef n Cheddar, but you'll have to use your own imagination for the reason. I'm not breaking it down here!

Thanks for the TOTALLY relateable post!

Meadowlark said...

I always thought I was rather worldly. I mean I was a MARINE for heaven's sake.


Sigh. I'm turning in my "worldly" badge. Let's hope CJ turns hers in before she even gets one. She is a hazard waiting to happen. Might be time for a little sh*t stirring, methinks.

Momma Val said...

OMG, I had to Google beef n cheddar cause my curiosity was killing me. Besides all the sandwich links I found, the one definition I found was pretty gross but I was thinking it meant something much worse than it did. Men always know those gross expressions especially my husband. He has no clue what that means either. When I asked him he immediately thought I was having a pregnancy craving. Ha!

Librarian-In-Training said...

I have a pair of [scratched] glam sunglasses for recess duty at my school. However, my students' lives don't depend on it! :)

I would be so scared to know that my soon-to-be CopHubby was in this CJ situation. Not cool! It's tough enough that he will be in situations that will put him in danger from the public, let alone from a fellow officer. *sigh* I would hope that folks like her would have been weeded out by now. :P

mrs. fuzz said...

Natalie-I have no idea what beef n cheddar means either. I don't know if I want to know either.

Meadowlark-you make me laugh.

L-I-T- Hi! When does your hubby graduate? We are definitely in the same boat it sounds like. Are you getting a masters in library science? What are your plans for his graduation? I'm hoping to get him a few things on his wish list. I'm actually hoping that his parents will take him shopping, but we'll see.

As far as CJ goes, she is totally in the wrong industry. She is an interior design major and cares too much about her appearance, etc. to be a police officer. She also argues with the instructors about not having to know or learn certain things because she's certain she won't have to use it. Fantasy land.

Meadowlark said...

I realize that my mindset comes from the Marine Corps, but she ARGUES with INSTRUCTORS?

Not only is she a moron, but I SERIOUSLY question the judgement of the instructors to allow such a thing. WTF!

Librarian-In-Training said...

Howdy, Mrs. Fuzz! I have been reading your blog for awhile now and have been tickled at how similar our guys are in their training. My CopHubby graduates in May. So far I don't have too much planned for his party yet except that I am totally downloading a "Police" album for background music! I'm such a nerd!! I laughed out loud when I read your list of party ideas!!! :)

I am currently getting my master's degree in library science to be a school librarian. I am stoked!!! :)

powdergirl said...

Hi there, just surfing on through.
That girl sounds so immature!
I've just retired from a job that is totally male-dominated, I was forman of blasting, at a rock drilling and blasting co. I strived for, and managed to maintain credibility by just doing the job at hand, I certainly never tried to act like one of the guys, because I'm not a guy, but rather made the gender difference work for me in a very positive way. What a shame that she seems to think the academy is a place to attract men, not to mention how dangerous she sounds.
Unfortunately, "women" like that reflect very poorly on the rest of us, and we all have to work even harder against the negative stereo-typing. That sucks.

firefighter / paramedic said...

We of course have similiar problems in my dept. My last trainee was a female that attracted a lot of attention while she was in my station. I gave her 2 pieces of advice: 1. be very good at your job. 2. Dont date in the dept. It sounds like CJ is going with the other option. The problem with that is that she will leave a path of destruction in her wake. Careers, marriages and possibly lives will be ruined. Tell HF to stay away! Good luck!

Slamdunk said...

It is no wonder that many departments have to nit-pick with policies to include what sunglasses are permitted.

Kimber said...

As Natalie and I are sisters in blue here I do know what it means and it has to do with her lack of, um hygiene among other things. I was reading this post and thinking of her too and those sunglasses. She has been employed for nearly a year now and still can't work without another officer shadowing her at all times. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

When my husband went through the academy they told him never to talk to someone wearing his sunglasses. Too aloof or something. And no shiny sun glasses where things are reflected in the lenses. Too stereotypical cop joke. I'd think they'd have a problem with those glasses for sure.

kd said...

summer camp counselor. :)