Thursday, April 30, 2009

poll results

Thanks for taking the poll. I asked if you were offended by the term 'PIG'.

30% said YES (6 votes)

25% said NO (5 votes)

45% of you were indifferent (9 votes)


Momma Val said...

Think lately I am just scared when I hear the word 'swine.' lol

Anonymous said...

I voted not offended, although it can be used offensively.

I once was on a walk along with cophusband (he was patrolling a street dance on foot) and some young guys shouted out pig. I wasn't offended, I was scared. If they didn't mind shouting out derogatory terms, would they start something? But that was it. Just a passing shout that cophusband didn't even hear.

Mostly I voted no because I think pig is a funny term to use among other LE people. Said among friends, which is the context I have heard it most often, it's just a joke and no harm.