Sunday, April 19, 2009

gear, gear, and more gear

I am a bit of a clean freak. I can't stand clutter. And HF is a gear freak. He would probably be embarrassed for me saying, but he once upon a time was an airsofter (Don't ask, just look it up), and he collected gear. We are talking, he had to have the very best and most authentic gear. And it needed its own apartment for storage. I loathe airsoft and if there is one thing that would cause strife in our marriage, it would be this. "Anything but this!", I would say. This probably makes me sound mean, but he had an addiction. Even he admits it. He has since been through AA (Airsofters anonymous) and has made a full recovery. Most of it was sold! But now, I can for-see that he will become the police gear freak.

Anyway. All of this has nothing really to do with the point of this post. The point is, my friends, that the clean freak in me couldn't take one more bit of gear clutter, and I came up with a solution for my man that I feel pretty proud about. Keep in mind we have no storage in this place that we live in, and that he needs to have a place where all his stuff is accessible. Here's what I did. I emptied out our entry closet that was filled with outdoor recreation equipment, winter clothing, and billions of shoes. We got one of those mesh shoe holders that you put over the door, and instead of using it for shoes, the purpose was to put in all his little trinkets and doodads (I'm sure you cops love your manly gear and equipment being referred to as trinkets and doodads). I'm not sure how long this space will be sufficient, but right now it is perfect! And it made him so happy. I was surprised at how happy and excited he was. Now there is one location for all his stuff, and we (me and the kids) don't have any reason to open this closet and mess with his stuff . It's his own space. Up until now, his stuff has kind of been everywhere, and a certain 3 year old thinks it's his, like the red plastic academy gun, which he refers to as his "poke". A lot of his stuff isn't in here at the time of the pictures, but the gist of the storage is as follows (too bad I didn't get a before shot):

Top shelf: ammo, gun, EMT bag, ginormous duffel bag rolled up, gun cleaning kit, etc. Right now he's putting his gun belt up there, but I think we might put a hook up in the back of the closet that he can hang it up on. We'll see.

Hanging up: 5.11 3 in 1 parka, other coats, paca body armor, an Eagle Industries LE chest rig, etc.

The over the door shoe holder: (this is an awesome idea, right?) pens and notepads, shoe shine kit, hats, eye protection, ear protection, antennas for his ham radio, pocket tools, concealment holster, concealment cuff case, leather luster, flashlights, some shoes, etc. etc.

On the ground: Various shoes/boots, a space for his backpack, which is also lovingly referred to as a 3 day assault pack, that he uses for everyday use.

But now I'm curious. Cops, how/where do you store your gear? Wives, girlfriends, what is the police gear storage solution?

I'm totally okay with police gear collecting for the most part, but this came in the mail not too long ago. And then he says to me that he is interested in Vietnam war reenactments. So begins his gear research. Crap. We all have our quirks, right? This is one of those things that I like about him and it makes me smile, but it also makes me a little crazy. I know I've got plenty of my own quirks that he is so patient and kind about. I can't help but tease about this though.


Momma Val said...

Wow! I'm impressed. He will probably change things around several times before he gets it just to his liking. We have over the last three years found a pretty good system. He keeps alot at the station because it starts to take over your life and our house is tiny and they have huge lockers. The flashlight chargers are a pain in the butt. He keeps his loaded gear belt, bp vest and cover, uniform shirt at work which helps it stay clean and organized and keeps ? out of our home, I like to call it "perp funk." Ha! Guns are here in the safe and he has his own hamper bag on the back of the laundry room door so as not to taint our laundry PLUS he likes the smelly detergent. Boots stay in the garage on the boot dryer which also keeps the perp funk out of our home, and cops step in very gross things!!!

kd said...

All of DHs junk stays at the station. All his non-duty stuff... well, that's another story. Yuck!! At least the stuff I'm into (uh, jewelry?!!?) doesn't take up so much space!!! :) Why that argument doesn't work for buying more I don't know.

Dori said...

We own a 4 bedroom house and the rooms are divided as such: our room, kids' room, office and gear room. And if something "strays" out into communal living space I am rather quick to point out that he has his Own. Freakin'. Room. I? I have a closet. The smallest one in the house. And half of the office. However, the rest of the house remains clutter free. He is responsible for his own room and space--I touch *nothing* in there. About once a month I'll go in and sweep and mop. Sounds a little harsh typing it out like that! But after living with the man for 15 years--the system works!

I think you did a fabulous job with the gear closet! And I'm glad that he was so excited about it! Yea!

Stephanie said...

Josh has his own closet too for all of his stuff. He also has a bag with a bunch of "stuff" in it that he keeps on a shelf in our garage that he can grab on his way out the door. Of course his guns are inside locked in a safe.

Good idea with the door hanger with pockets!

Natalie said...

My man has his man cave, and I do not cross the threshold (due to the testoterone barrier).

He still has all of his paintball gear though...for every season. His most "authentic" gear from the army surplus store is in storage bins with his other paintball stuff. It's not just the police wives that can relate to each other, is it?!

He leaves most of his real stuff for his real job of fighting bad guys in the trunk of his car or in the man cave. I think he'd really go for the shoe holder idea though. Thanks for the suggestion!