Saturday, April 18, 2009

what I did today

  1. I know I'm majorly stressed because of the "spring" cleaning I've been doing, and also because of all the junk I've been eating. I wish fanatical cleaning were enough, but I confess, I'm also a comfort eater. Right now I'm eating Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and earlier I had some white Chocolate Kit Kats. Yes, this is a problem.

  2. The case of the missing Q-tips. They have slowly disappeared over time. Where have they gone? Oh, they have been used to clean HF's gun. He cleans that thing a lot. He said you have to after every time you shoot it. Is this a rule for the academy? Or a general rule of thumb? How often do cops clean their guns? At least the Q-tip factory won't be shutting down anytime soon.

  3. On and off all day today, I've been working on our community garden. We're doing it with 2 other families. It's coming along nicely. I'm excited because we've never done a garden before and we are hoping for a successful crop this year. Tomatoes, carrots, green beans, kale, lettuce, strawberries, squash, cucumbers, jalapenos, etc. I think we might do potatoes too. I hope the kids have fun helping out. So far, they've been climbing the mountain of dirt we are shoveling and throwing dirt clods. My love handles got a workout from all the hoeing and shoveling. Still satisfying work though. Although there were a few mishaps. Stepping on a pitchfork, almost hitting someone in the head with a shovel, accidentally stepping on a strawberry plant, etc. I was the gardening klutz momentarily. But I haven't done anything like this since I was a kid so I had to get used to it. I wondered to myself if the others were thinking, "great, there goes any hopes for our garden".

  4. HF says they are done with scenario training after tonight. They've been clearing buildings. He enjoyed that a lot. They had a shooting qualification today and he got the second highest score in the class. They had a night shoot tonight. He missed the prequalification training last Monday due to the drama that ocurred, and had no idea what to expect and hadn't practiced, but he qualified! These past few Saturdays have been torture! He is gone ALL DAY and gets home at 10:00 pm. He's like a giant ice cream cone to me and the kids. We miss him so much and probably overwhelm him with hugs and kisses and climbing all over him when he gets home.

  5. And for my grand finale, Calamity Jane baked cookies and brought them to the instructors and said, "I guess I need to apologize for not taking things seriously?" Apparently, last week she said, "It's not like any of this is real. It's all make-believe". She was referring to the scenario training in general. I love how baking cookies was her solution to making things right with the instructors instead of doing what they have asked her to do.


Momma Val said...

1. Relax, don't be so hard on yourself. I'm the same way though right now I'm in a queesy stage of pregnancy. Spring is here and you will be able to get out more and move around with the kids, etc.
2. Ha! That's funny, though again with the lead in the house. My hub discovered it was way more efficient to clean it at the PD, they have a cleaning station next to the range.
3. Awesome. I'm jealous. It will be so rewarding and then you will be working in the garden and eating all the fruits of your labor instead of ben and jerry's.
4. He will become more reliant on all that affection when he comes home from witnessing the disgusting and the horrible. Mine does.
5. Well, at least she did something and acknowledged that she needs to change her attitude. Better than nothing.

Natalie said...

OK, that's just eery that as I was reading this, I was eating my leftover gelato from the local fudge shop in town (one kind is roasted pistachio and the other white chocolate raspberry. Sinfully good!).

I'm also about to start a garden! My man doesn't think I have the stick-to-itiveness (if that's a word) for it, but I'm ready to prove him wrong.

And yes, cops clean their guns ALL THE TIME! My man knows that I have no desire to even watch him clean it (and it's messy) so he usually chums it up with some of the other officers and cleans it. I didn't know how often this OCD quirk occurred until we popped by the PD one day to surprise my man and there he was, cleaning his rifle with a boyish grin on his face. Sigh.

As for helps a little but if I say anything more I'll have to go on a major tangent about masculine careers, least she's not sleeping with one of the sergeants to keep her job...

Well, I've said too much!

Dori said...

Q-tips to clean guns? I'd think little bits of fluff would get caught places...and yes, those things get cleaned every time they're used. At least they should be. I can't stand the smell so it usually gets done around here either in an empty house or after we've all gone to bed.

My son and I are getting our plants in the straw bale tomorrow. So exciting! Can't wait for that first tomato sandwich!

Slamdunk said...

Glad things are getting back to normal for you. We did lots of yard stuff here as well--yeehaw.

Your story of CJ bringing cookies for the instructors reminded me of what happens when a citizen bakes food and has it delivered to the police station--unless it came a certain officer's momma, we were afraid to touch it. Likewise, if I was one of her instructors, I would smile, thank her for the cookies, and then toss them in the nearest dumpster...

Kimber said...

Hey! Now I know where to go to find my q tips!

Ah, CJ. Maybe she could give cookies to wife beaters and druggies instead of carrying a gun. Makes sense.

mrs. fuzz said...

Slamdunk- HF said that they sort of said thanks and no one touched the cookies and they were actually still there the next night when they came to class. Kind of sad, but yeah. I would worry about baked goods unless they were from yo mama or some other officer's mama.