Friday, April 17, 2009

a man in uniform

Right now I am watching HF try on one of his police uniforms. This isn't the academy uniform. This is THE uniform for his soon to be job. And now I feel like part of the club of women who adore a man in uniform. Now, I know what you're talking about! He looks so handsome. I got butterflies in my stomach when he walked into the room and asked, "What do you think?" It's still lacking patches, and needs hemming, but man oh man, does he look sharp!

Things are coming along fast. It has dragged on and on for almost a year, but now it is zipping by. On the 24th of this month (1 week, eek!), he starts FTO. Then exactly 2 weeks after that is graduation day. This is the final stretch and there's a lot of relief, excitement, fear, and anticipation going on. And not just me! HF is feeling fear for the first time. I hadn't thought about that before, but I would imagine that the first time or two (or three or four or more) that you are out as a cop are most likely nerve wracking. And then when you are on your own without the FTO? More nerve wracking?!

I've been MIA because there has been some major family drama/crises on HF's side. Even though they live on the opposite side of the country, HF had to drop everything and fly out. He missed a few days of work and the academy, but it had to happen. You won't believe all that occured, and I'm not sure how much HF will want me to say, even though none of you know us from Adam, but I will write about it in the next couple of days. If you love drama, soap operas, Lifetime Television for Women, Italian mobster movies, Oceans Eleven, or juicy gossip, then you'll want to come back for this story. For real. It's out of control.

It would be ideal if HF could spend a couple of weeks back east, but the guys at the academy said that he wouldn't graduate if he wasn't back by Thursday and would have to be rolled back to the next group going through. And we definitely don't want that to happen. I stayed here with the kids, and baked and cooked a lot. A lot more than I would normally. That's what I do when I am stressed. That, or clean like a maniac. Like, using an old toothbrush to scrub around the nooks and crannies of a toilet, kind of cleaning. So you will notice right now a lot of food updates over at my food blog.

Life is certainly interesting. Life is still good. We are happy and well and looking forward to much change in the next few weeks. Now I've got party plans to attend to, and I'm going to watch the first episode of Southland online. Anyone like this new show? We downloaded the first 18 episodes of the current season of the Unit, and I don't know why, but I love this show. Sometimes I get annoyed with the wives and their shenanigans, but I'm hooked. Now HF has got me interested in Ultimate Force. Too many shows, so little time.


Meadowlark said...

Two thoughts: (make that three)
1) Can't wait to hear the drama and hope that it stays far enough away not to make things unhappy for you guys.
2) Try "Breaking Bad". It's about a chemistry teacher cooking meth and it's a hoot. The BIL is DEA.
3) Wait'll you see him in tactical gear.... major drool-inducing. :)

Peace out!

Stephanie said...

Have to love your man in uniform! Take a pictures early on because soon he will just want to take it all off as soon as he walks in the door!

LOVE The Unit! Hubby's favorite show. Have all 3 season on DVD. And we just started watching Southland. Think we like it....

kd said...

I really liked the first episode of Southland, and DH thought he might use some of the lines himself. The two that come to mind are (paraphrased):
suspect: "Do you know who my father is?"
cop: "Didn't your mommy tell you?"
suspect: "What are the charges?"
cop: "No charges, your evening will be free courtesy of the citizens of Los Angeles."

I was disappointed with episode #2, but not enough to quite swear off of it yet.

I'll be looking forward to the drama update. I could use some from someone else's life! Can you come and be stressed at my house? I'm 36 weeks pregnant and living in a pig sty. I could use some cleaning! :) lol.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the unit too. No, wait ... this is embarrassing.

ANYhoo, I love my man in uniform too. Stephanie is so right, take your pictures now.

Hogday said...

Southland? I suppose this is another gem from the US that, like The Wire, we'll have to wait a few years to enjoy over here in the UK. Hey ho. Sincerely, all the very best of good fortune to your men in uniform.

mrs. fuzz said...

kd- congratulations on your pending delivery! So close! I would love to pop over to your blog and say hello, but you've made your profile hidden or something. Maybe that's the way you want it. If so, that's okay, I'll say hello here. And thank you for all your lovely comments. You'll have to tell me how the socks go on Father's Day. Aren't they hilarious? I haven't ordered mine yet, but I think I will still. I didn't think of looking at Amazon. Maybe I'll do that.

Dori said...

The uniform...oh,my. It is a delicious sight, isn't it?

Can't believe he's almost done! Well done on both of you!!

kd said...

Mrs. Fuzz, I emailed you.

And I have to agree 100% with what Dori said ~ graduating from academy was a total TEAM effort if you ask me!!

Natalie said...

I just love my man in uniform, and can honestly say, EVERY TIME he's in uniform it's a turn-on. And I totally agree wioth Meadowlard about about the tactical gear...especially if he doesn't have time to put the whole stuff on and just throws the vest over his civ clothes. Yummy!

Anywho, thanks for the suggestion of Southland. We just became fans of Castle and The Unusuals (just love that ABC offers free episodes to keep up with the series!)

P.S. WAY looking forward to the family drama after it was likened to Ocean's Eleven and Lifetime for Women...