Thursday, June 18, 2009

father's day

This year for father's day, HF will be working and I will be traveling. I'm preparing meals for him each day so all he has to do is pull it out of the fridge. Otherwise, he'll eat out at Arby's or make Delgado Slims everyday and we can't have that.

On Sunday, he'll get these bottle cap magnets pictured below and also found here and here that I ordered on Etsy. He's been saying he wants magnets for his locker at work and I think these will do the job. I think he'll like the superhero ones more, but I couldn't resist the vintage cop and robber ones. She still has an adorable set of "Men in Blue" available. I went to etsy and did a search for "police" and there was actually quite a few police related items. I loved this Father's Day card.

I think I will also pick him up a few of his favorite treats: One of his favorite beverages in a giant case from COSTCO and Smartfood white cheddar popcorn. Then of course, I'll have to say something cutesie with it like, "Pop Pop, Fizz Fizz, what a great Dad you iz!"I'm also thinking I might stop by at See's Candies and get him a little box of dark chocolate truffles. Blech. But he loves them. The fruit filled dark chocolates.

While I'm thinking about gifts, I saw this pottery barn police toy on Desiree's blog, and looked online at pottery barn kids and saw that it was still there on clearance. I love that it is solid wood. I'm thinking that might be a good Christmas present to keep tucked away for little Luke this year. Our local dollar store right now has tons of police related toys. They aren't the best quality, but they were fun during our exciting academy graduation time. The kids are still playing with the police figures. They are just like the little green army men, but blue policemen instead.

I thought that this personalized policeman bobblehead was kind of funny. If only it wasn't $100!

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