Wednesday, June 17, 2009

name that cop part III

Name That Cop part I
Name That Cop part II (answers to part II are at the end of this post)

Do you know: a) the name(s) of the actors, b) the name of their characters, c) the name of the show they were on, d) the name and significance of the black and white photo

Name That Cop part II:
  1. Actor Don Knotts playing Deputy Barney P. Fife in television's The Andy Griffith show.
  2. Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas play two police detectives undercover in Miami Vice. Their characters names are Det. James "Sonny" Crockett, and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs.
  3. West Side Story. William Bramley played Officer Krupke and Simon Oakland played Lieutenant Schrank.
  4. Arnold Schwartzenager in Kindergarten Cop. Detective John Kimble is his character's name.
  5. Wyatt Earp

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