Monday, October 5, 2009

need help getting out of a ticket?

Try the anti-ticket donut!
I found this at The Anti-Ticket Donut. On their homepage it says:

Out of excuses? Then try: The Anti-Ticket Donut! The Polite Way to Say, "Can we settle this here?" Keep this device in the glove box near the registration for your car.

If you are stopped by the police use such phrases as: “I can’t find my car’s registration, I only have this tasty donut”. Or say, “Instead of my driver’ license, wouldn’t you like to have this delicious donut?” The donut works best by itself, but it can be combined with other methods such as crying, whining, and begging.


LOUDnPROUD said...


Erin said...

Hysterical! Although I might break into the emergency stash myself.

Natalie said...

They should have a note on there to make sure it's replaced daily, just so the officer doesn't get food poisoning from a moldy or stale donut!

Too funny!

copswife said...

That is hilarous, although I'm with Nat. You'd have to eat one dough nut and replace that one everyday. It would be a sacrifice, but I am willing to do it.