Monday, April 19, 2010

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I'm still kind of MIA, but thought I would mention these real quick:
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I'm off to bed. But I won't be sleeping. I've got all this on my nightstand:

-children's book: One Lonely Sea Horse

-fittingly, a playmobil SWAT lego set (4 year old son loves playing on our bed)
-under the legos, my journal, scriptures, some magazines

-giant Shakespeare book of completed works (I usually read this when I really want to go to sleep. I really want to read the whole thing! Trouble is, I can't seem to make it past the first few sentences each time)

-books on top of Shakespeare: Emily Dickinson book of poems, Eat This, and Secret Life of Food by Martin Elkort

-books on right hand side: The Surrendered Wife (sounds horrible, but it's really good), a Bill Bryson book (title escapes me at the moment), I Love a Cop, and a marriage and parenting book (title also escapes me)

-Under table: a road atlas (planning road trip this summer), a binder of years and years of recipe clippings finally organized and used for menu planning, and one of HF's highschool yearbooks. It's just for resting the laptop on when I use it in bed. And no, I haven't drawn any mutaches on any ex-girlfriends, although I've thought about it.

And when I lay me down to sleep, I make sure that I am facing the opposite direction of this:
HF's nightstand. The stuff my nightmares are made of.

It's not too messy in this picture. But, the guy trashes it big time. Seen here is one of those heavy duty flashlights that you would use to bludgeon a would-be intruder, the laptop, a drawing from our daughter, Daisy, a radio for headphones, a mouse for the laptop, a phone charger, 3D glasses from one of the kids' books, Sherlock Holmes, On Combat, a mushy letter from me, some other books, a CD case of computer games (ugh), and my favorite. . . the box that was a package at one point, but now a place where HF throws anything and everything. The mess goes under the table and into the closet. Usually he has piles of clean and dirty clothes that he stores underneath the nightstand and in the closet is a box of his comic book collection, and another box of baseball cards, comic cards, and Star Wars cards among others. It's cool because it's like a treasure trove for the kids, but now there is a giant stack of boxes that were sent here as packages and now HF wants to keep them to ship stuff sold on ebay.

I just have organization OCD issues, that's all. I tortured HF on his days off by having him hang a bunch of stuff. I am the queen of things being centered and perfect. But who isn't?

When HF gets home at 3:30 5:00 this morning, he will ever so gently remove a book from my grasp, and without waking me, smooth back the hair covering my face. Then he will slowly lift me and place me on my side of the bed so that I am no longer lying diagonally across the bed. I will remain in peaceful slumber without snoring. Then HF will violently rip the velcro on his ballistic vest, waking me in a terror. He will remember that he promised to remove all noisy gadgets downstairs before coming to bed. Then he'll fall into a deep and immediate sleep, while I lay awake, trying to go back to sleep. While it's still dark, I will hear the pitter pattering of three children from across the hallway. Morning comes all too soon. And it's usually still dark when I hear the voices of my children fighting playing.

It's just another day at the Fuzz household!

I'll be back soon.

Until then, enjoy this "missing" cat picture captured downtown in my city:


Sister Copinherhair said...

Do you have a Marshall's or TJ Maxx? If you do, go there (or a similar discount department store). They always have cool desk supplies. I got a desk organizer for my night table that keeps my books, magazines, pens, TV remotes, etc. And it is pretty. I know you should be able to find something to go with your decor.

And I love the velcro belt that goes with the uniform.

Just sayin'. ;)

Pam Landy said...

Love the stack of books on your side: coincidentally, the Bill Bryson is on mine as well! Along with a collection of Tom Stoppard plays and The Family That Couldn't Sleep: A Medical Mystery. I do NOT recommend reading it when you, yourself cannot sleep, but it is an excellent book. :)

JB's office is like the magnified, room-size version of HF's side table. I might start some guerrilla cleaning/organizing soon to save my sanity. Love his tenderness/clueless combo too. :) Great post!

Dori said...

Very, very strict rule here...all noisy clothing gets removed downstairs. And I still hear the violent velcro! And the beep beep beep of the gun safe on his dresser (actually, that's a fairly comforting sound). I *know* we survived 6 years of mids...I'm just not exactly sure *how* we did it.

Nicole said...

LMAO I'm sorry but I cannot help myself. The part about the velcro about knock me off my chair. Isnt that the most horrible sound ever?!

By the did you get into our bedroom? Looks oddly familiar :)

My hubby changes out of his work clothes at work. He NEVER wears his uniform home.

Cop Mama said...

Ha ha ha! The velcro ripping...yes, quite loud! Glad to hear he actually WEARS it, though :-)

MJ said...

"Then HF will violently rip the velcro on his ballistic vest, waking me in a terror." Ahhh, I know that sounds well. I hate it, but it also tells me sweetly "Honey, I'm home safe..."

jackie said...

This is what my dining room table looks like. I'm always on my husband's case about it since it's always his stuff.

That part about the velcro was too funny!

Jillian said...

What's with men and their nightstands? And I agree, those vests are the WORST. My husband wakes us up every morning. Lol

It looks like you're doing some awesome reading. I want to read, "I Love A Cop," and wife book sounds awesome. Send them on over. Lol

Megan and TJ said...


I love your blog! I started reading it when my fiance told me he was going to go through the Police Academy. He will start in July and we are both very excited! He will graduate 2 weeks after we are married. Do you have any advice for me?? Im scared but so excited at the same time! Hope to stay in touch!

Simply Complicated said...

way too funny - velcro, sleeping diagonally, laying awake while he falls immediately asleep. And if I get the chance to drift back to sleep - most likely I'll wake up to radio traffic from his radio in the entry way blaring loud that he forgot to turn off... ahhh yes we all love our cops :-)
P.S. Oh and "sneaking" an 85 pound crazy dog down the hallway into his kennel in our bedroom. And then getting to listen to him munch his breakfast in there...
Gotta love cop-hour mornings!

FabuLeslie said...

OMG, I keep the SAME maglite next to my bed on the floor to hurt would-be intruders/rapists of my single-woman-self! If your Police Hubs does it, I must be on the right track!!

Natalie said...

Wow, my bedroom's nightstands are so similar! I couldn't really tell, but is the Bill Bryson book The Mother Tongue? I read it for a grammar class of mine in college, which was the absolute best part of taking any class full of English majors (I minored in English, majored in History...totally different) that all criticized everyone for the way they spoke.

Uh....enough about THAT tangent! Surpisingly, the hubs keeps his nightstand pretty clean, but has to have everything in exactly the same spot, especially if it's leo related so he can reach it easily after waking abruptly from or for a shift.

My side consists mostly of pregnancy related items, a water mug, and a lamp that my hubby claims gets larger everytime we move (which is true, but I pretend to not notice).