Wednesday, October 12, 2011

my run-in with CJ

Did I mention that I see CJ (Calamity Jane) every single day except weekends? It's true. Turns out she also has a five year old and her 5 yo is in the same kindergarten class as my 5 yo. I knew who she was and assumed she had no idea who I was. Well recently as I was dropping my son off, she looks at him and exclaimed, "Why you look just like your daddy!" I knew I was in for it then. She introduced herself to me and I mentioned that I had met her once before but her hair was super short and blonde if I remembered correctly (it is much longer now and her natural color-red). She said, "Oh yeah! I chopped it off and dyed it blonde to look more intimidating". I smiled because I was picturing the hairstyle and look she donned back then as intimidating.

It was hard for me to look her in the eye and talk to her without thinking "OMG. I'm talking to CJ!" in my mind. It was definitely a surreal moment. We made small talk about kids and then she seemed to want to talk about HF and police work. She actually said that she had no business being a police officer and that she didn't know what she was thinking. I can't tell you how uncomfortable I was hearing my blog fodder confess all this to me. I smiled politely and told her that it was admirable to give something like that a shot. She gushed about HF. Said he was a supercop and amazing and I agreed with her. She also mentioned how kind he was to everyone and helpful and encouraging. I liked hearing that, but I also felt like I wanted her to stop talking about HF.

We made small talk for a few more minutes. I felt a little bad for sharing her stories with the world, but when I saw her driving away from the school eating what looked like toast in one hand, and holding a book in the other, I had to laugh. She actually had the book open and in her face while she was trying to eat and drive! She is one of a kind. If you aren't sure who CJ or Calamity Jane is, you can see here and here. Now when I see her we smile and wave, she might compliment an outfit and vice versa.  She's very nice and I think she came to the right conclusion about her invovlvement police work.  


Handcuffed Heart said...

Wow, that's fun! ;)

Slamdunk said...

I had forgotten all about CJ. Now that put the "a" in awkward.

Enjoy your weekend.

MONICA-LnP said...

wow i remember,how very weird how things turn out dont you think?lol

Paula said...

She is still an idiot I see