Wednesday, May 6, 2009

in honor of our 7th wedding anniversary

These are some annoying things I do that HF has put up with for 7 years:
  • I eat all the peanut butter ribbon out of the Peanut Butter Cup ice cream.
  • I lay diagonally across the bed when I sleep.
  • I booby trap the cupboards and the fridge so that when he opens them, all the food or dishes fall out. Sometimes I do it on purpose.
  • I talk not only during previews in the theater, but during the movie as well (I only do this to HF, not when I'm out with friends).
  • I ask questions and talk during the news or a tv show just as the newscaster or show answers whatever it is I'm asking HF-SO annoying, I know!
  • I never put a trash bag liner in the trash can after taking the trash out.
  • When we are shopping and I decide I don't want something I ditch it wherever we are (He personally sees to it that items are put back in their place. He's also never ditched a shopping cart in a parking lot. He takes it without fail to the cart corral. I always dare him not to do it)
  • I wait until it's late and he's very tired and almost asleep to have meaningful conversations.
  • I never fold or iron our laundry. I just kind of shove it all in the drawers.
  • I check on the kids like a billion times in the middle of the night.
  • When I'm having trouble making a decision between 2 items, I tell HF to make the decision for me. Then I choose the opposite of what he says.
  • Just like a guy roommate, if he leaves a treat or something uneaten longer than a day, I eat it. (I was raised with 4 older brothers- they taught me this)
  • If he has something that I like, it usually ends up being mine, like a t-shirt for example.
  • I never fill up the Brita Filter
Here's what HF does that drives me crazy:
  • always leaves the main floor bathroom light on without fail
  • has a bunch of razors out at once, using them all. why don't you just use one until you can't use it anymore?
  • takes the sheets and the comforter off of me while he is sleeping and wrestles and thrashes around and they either end up perfectly covering him or on the floor. I usually wake up freezing in the fetal position
  • He points the shower head facing OUT of the shower!
  • he hangs his baseball caps up on any decorative hook in the house when it's meant for a painting or some other decoration
  • When he gets home in the morning he puts his clothes in a pile underneath the night stand next to the bed and tells me they are clean. I try and ignore it, but a few days later there is an even bigger pile of clothes that are "clean" that he has no intention of wearing twice.
  • When he walks in, he leaves all of his "stuff" on top of the entertainment center which is somewhat near our door. It's like his personal dresser top. Then when he can't find anything, he asks me where it is. Sometimes I hate it that I know where it is.
  • He puts all of the empty containers from his lunches in the trunk of his car. He only brings them in when I've run out of containers. The worst part is having to open them after they've been sitting forever and are covered in mold.
  • He drives like an old man! He is overly careful. I appreciate that he is so careful and values the life of his passengers, but I really don't want to grow old while we run errands.
What's funny, is that these things have gone from annoying, to not a big deal anymore for the most part. As I have been helping to care for him so much this last year, it made these things become sort of endearing and truly, sarcasm aside, I would miss if he were gone. He has been gone so much that any 'sign' of him made me smile or brought me comfort. I realized that he never once has complained about the things I do that might annoy him. I also realized how much he needs me. We're in a good place right now. Learning through life and experience.

I was talking to my sister about this and she said that her husband puts all of his socks in a small garbage can. He doesn't match them together, he just puts them all in there and then fishes through it to find 2 matching socks whenever he gets dressed. He also hangs up his dirty clothes in his closet, but drapes his clean clothes all over their room! On the bed, on chairs, etc. WEIRD.

What are some "annoying" things you and/or your spouse do that you think you might miss if they were gone?


Momma Val said...

OMG, this post is awesome! Thanks for sharing. Though I think you are like my husband in many ways and I am like your husband. lol

Think the cops leave lots of stuff everywhere cause, well, they have lots of stuff. You are not alone. I thought I solved the problem and got an over the door hook thing. 2 are supposed to me mine and 2 his. I have like one and he keeps taking over with all his 'clean' clothes. Bagh! Thanks for sharing your human-ness :)

Erin said...

"I wait until it's late and he's very tired and almost asleep to have meaningful conversations."

I do this too.

What annoying thing would I miss...we always argue when making the bed. He thinks I get too much of the covers, and I think he gets too much. We have trouble determining the exact middle.

Stephanie said...

Ok, Josh SO does the whole "clean" clothes pile. Drives me crazy! He also leaves all his food containers in his car. Nasty!

Librarian-In-Training said...

Okay, my husband leaves used kleenex throughout the house. I have given this the title of 'snow' since we don't get much snow where we live. :)

While this is not the cleanest of habits, I would miss this if he were gone.

Anonymous said...

We all have some of those same things and they drive us crazy but they are kind of endearing and I think make us snicker sometimes. My husband was in a hurry one morning and asked me to place an order for him for something to bring in the office and tells me to put it under our last name. Duh! Our last name, yeah you didn't have to tell me what it was, we've been married for more than 12 years, I know what it is! goofball....

Anonymous said...

I love this post! I'm right there with you on the questions during the show, ditching items in a store (I personally believe it's good for employment), waiting for meaningful convo, choosing the opposite of what he chooses and the Brita.

I think it's awesome that you guys are in a good place and still enjoying eachother. Wishing you two a Happy Anniversary.

Natalie said...

Happy Anniversary (and thanks for letting us know how much we can relate to each other)!

My hubby takes WAY too many showers and is always using up all of the q-tips. He also steals my food that I leave from left-overs to savor at my leisure (I grew up with 5 brothers, and learned to hide anything I wanted to keep for myself, which I have to do again).

He's also a huge softy when it comes to the kids, so when I want to let them cry it out (I know a tired, I'm going right back to sleep cry and a get in here now! cry) he tells me I'm uncaring and makes a big to-do that he's sacrificing precious sleep to take care of our children...blah, blah, blah.

I could go on and on, but I could also talk more about what he does that's amazing, but that'll have to be for another comment time!

Bo... said...

I had to check your blog and make sure it wasn't MINE---because your husband could be MINE---he does the exact same aggravating things! (Okay, okay, and I confess that I do...uh...a lot of the same stuff you do on the opposite side.)

Also, my husband takes off his shoes at the front door. This aggravates me no end. One week I went "on strike"---and a week later all his shoes were clustered by the front door, where we tripped over them. I actually faked "tripped" over them, and faked a sprained ankles---but it didn't make a dadgum bit of good. (And don't even ask me what other things I've "faked" to deter him from bad habits....) (No, not THAT...)