Wednesday, February 4, 2009

target practice

Hot Fuzz's future department has been taking him shooting once a week for the past 6 months. They want him to do well when he starts the shooting portion of the academy. This is one of his targets from early on. He used a glock 22 from 15 yards away. He was aiming for the tape in the center. What I don't have pictured is a little piece of paper with a dime-sized dot that he hit square and center from 21 feet. It was posted on another target. He said that when he shot it, the range master told everyone to cease fire and come check it out. They had him date it, mark the distance, and sign it. That's why I don't have it pictured. Hot Fuzz wants to remain completely anonymous. Even his messy and illegible signature could "give too much away". And he doesn't want to brag about it. Because he's never satisfied. "I can always do better on the range". I guess that's what I'm here for. To do all the bragging.

Another thing. I'm aware, all you English majors out there, that I have violated multiple rules such as starting sentences with 'And', 'Because', and 'But'. I tend to do that. I think because I talk like that.

I just realized that there are dirty diapers pictured in the above photo. Sorry about that. This is by the front door and the diapers were on their way out. Eventually.

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MotorCop said...

The diapers are perfect...sometimes it's just a shitty job.

C'mon, that was too easy!