Friday, June 19, 2009

HF's first hole in his pants

HF and I have always joked about the various cop stunts as seen on tv. Everyday when he gets home from work I ask him if he jumped off a building top onto another, or if he got to hang from a helicopter and jump onto a speeding boat. I try to come up with new scenarios each day like, breaking through a glass window while rolling, then ending up on one knee ready to fire. Each day it's the same disappointing, "No." But the other day, he came home with a hole in the knees on his pants and his knees were scraped up. He did one of the classic "slides".

A few days ago there was a county wide, multi-agency, active gunman training. HF got to go during FTO because his FTO had to go. It was kind of a nice little loop hole that he was able to do this. Anyway, HF was being shot at with an assault rifle using sim rounds as he was running down a hallway. To keep from getting hit, he dropped down to his knees and slid sideways while he was shooting back at the shooter (neither of them hit each other). It was like something you would see on Die Hard or other fantasy cop movie with heavy metal music.

So here's his first uniform hole:

And here's one of his knees a few days after the fact:

Ouch! So I asked him if doing a super awesome cop move like that was worth it. He was really sore the next day.

This intro to TJ Hooker perfectly demonstrates many of the "awesome" moves I'm talking about.

And here's an extra nugget for you to enjoy. My favorite part is at the very end when Hooker says, "Resist arrest! RESIST ARREST! Please!"

So tell me cops, all in a day's work? Seriously, how many of you have done something like this?


Momma Val said...

EWWWWW! Uck! Poor guy. Cop Dad tore up his wrist and arm last summer after having a foot chase and jumping a fence and his arm getting caught on something sharp. Short sleeve season at the time so the whole uniform was completely in tact. Have a feeling the best is yet to be seen in the form of injuries and rips, etc. in the years to come.

Texas Ghostrider said...

the Holes will only get bigger and the soreness longer as the career goes forward.....

Slamdunk said...

Congrats on the badge of honor and I am sure you all celebrated with anti-bacterial spray.

The crazy Shaw Family said...

Dh was chasing a 290 (sex offender) at the fair last year, and almost got hit by a truck, which he had to dive around the back off to avoid getting run over. He ended up with road rash all over his face, smacked his mouth good, bit through his bottom lip and his glasses got flung like ten feet away. When they finally caught the guy, he was stuck without a shirt on a barbwire fence. The guys literally tore him off the fence, and back to the trailer they were using as a command post. Dh's first FTO was laughing at him, because he never dropped his booking papers from the guy he had just arrested prior to the other guy running. He was a pretty sight when he got home that morning!!!

h. said...

My hubby's bureau is in the process of switching their uniforms. So in the infinite wisdom of bureaus everywhere, they have had no uniform provider for almost a year now. There are no new shirts or pants. We've found that the current uniforms have a critical flaw; the crotch. As in when an officer starts jumping fences or doing anything active, the pants tear at the crotch in a rather spectacular manner.

You can totally see where this is going, right? My husband has 4 pairs of uniform pants, two of which are unwearable because of unacceptable "ventilation". It is a glamorous life.

Anonymous said...

A cop's wife I knew once woke up with her husband home, uniform torn and bleeding. Freak-out worthy, which she did. He was OK but scary. At that time the agency only provided ONE! uniform for officers. So with his one uniform torn... The chief was like, well if you wouldn't go chasing people and sliding... Sheesh! Now they provide two.

That was the agency my husband WAS working for. Now he gets four uniforms and feels rich!!!

Anonymous said...

...and he's going to come home with even more wear and tear to him and his uniform over the next few years (and the stories won't involve sim rounds).

Some days are better than the movies. This job is a blast for those who were made for it.

Sounds like he is.

OrdinaryLife said...

my husband mostly comes home with a lot of mud on the boots (he works in a rural area), but he has ripped a pair of duty pants before! he's lucky enough to have a good uniform allowance though.

Natalie said...

Please, just as Slamdunk stated, these are badges of honor!

FH was SO proud of the blood on his academy t-shirt after he got tazed (three whole drops because of the barbs). He wouldn't let me wash it until he wore it a few more times.

He comes home totally stoked after days that he's arrested drug dealers or had a DUI. That's when he feels that he's earning his keep, so to speak.

We live in a pretty small town, so they're just few and in-between enough for him to get really excited over. I love it when he shares, but it's hard to be attentive when he's just come off a night-shift and it's super early in the morning (and most of his "fun" times have occurred while working nights).