Friday, August 7, 2009

more quotable quotes from HF

HF to Daisy: Rules are tools. They help us obey. And when we obey, we're happy all day!

Me: Is that what you tell the homies when you're handcuffing them?

HF: No.

Me: You should.

HF: Maybe I will.

Me: Where did you hear that anyway? Did you make it up?

HF: My mom used to say that to us when we were little. I think it's from a book.

HF to Daisy: What are rules?

Daisy: They're tools.

HF: And they what?

Daisy: Help us obey. . .

HF: And when we obey?

Daisy (grumbling): we're happy all day. . .

HF (obviously pleased with himself): There, problem solved.

Me: Uh huh.

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My 90-day journey said...

If it rhymes, it MUST be true! lol


Natalie said...

Love it! All I have is, "Good night. Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite. But if they do, let them chew, 'cause bed bugs need food too."

My parents would be so proud that this is the sage advice I remember from childhood.

I'll try to implement HF's now so my kids can make me look more impressive!

Momma Val said...

Ha! One of my husbands that is my all time favorite is "God made dirt, and dirt don't hurt!" Nothing really along the lines of cop quotes though. The other day we heard a quote in a kids movie which he liked alot and swore he remembered for work was, "OK, who ordered the knuckle sandwich? I got a delivery for ya." Thought that was pretty catchy myself but maybe not kids movie material? :)

The crazy Shaw Family said...

I love that you call perps "homies"! In our house, they are "dirtbags". Which may not be the most appropriate title, especially when your 5 year old pipes up in Walmart and says, "hey dad, is that guy a dirtbag that you would under arrest?" Very... uncomfortable to say the least. (Especially when its true! You can't just laugh that off!)
The quotes that my DH comes home with generally involve a lot of colorful words, like "What the (bleep), over?" His sarge is famous for saying this on the air.

Ashley said...

I had to tell Hubs this one to use on his perps. Love it!

Monica said...

I love it!I am going to post it on my blog,if its ok with you?
my dh calls them "trash" cause on his fb his job description is trash collector!