Monday, November 16, 2009


I saw this on SNL and thought it was pretty funny. You'lll enjoy this whether or not you are a twilight fan. But if you are twi-hard, you might not like it. Are all you Twi-hards gearing up for the midnight release of New Moon this week?


Anonymous said...

YES!! So great. To be honest I will NEVER watch Twilight or read the books... I think I'll be the only woman out there to say that!

The crazy Shaw Family said...

I haven't seen the movie, but I did get sucked into the books, after protesting loudly that I would rather poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick then read them! Well, that changed when I got sick, and spent a couple of months on the couch. My next door neighbor came down with the whole series, and I just lost myself in them! I finished the series in under 2 days! I couldn't put them down, and I was mad when I finished, because I wanted more more more!!
I was informed the other day that I "just have to see the movies!"
But I live in the camp that thinks that books are always better then the movies. I think I will probably see them when all of them have been released, I am kinda wierd about having to wait long periods of time between a movie series. (Waiting for Transformers :Revenge of the Fallen was pure torcher!)
Thanks for the giggle!

Dori said...

My husband found me a t-shirt...Edward and Bela (Lugosi)...with Bela holding Edward's severed head...The. Sparkling. Ends. Now. Brilliant!

While I enjoyed the books it was hard to watch the movie simply because it reminded me that they were, after all, just teenagers.

Erin said...


Natalie said...

That was AWESOME! Yes, I'm attending the midnight release, but I wouldn't necessarily call myself a Twi-hard fan. I just like being girly and this epitomizes that!

If you get a chance, check out this Christmas-themed spoof from Twilight:

SO funny! Thanks for this!

OrdinaryLife said...

I hate to say that I'm a twi-hard, because I'm not a 12 year old giggling girl with an Edward Cullen slap bracelet.....but I am a fan. I loved the books, liked the first movie, and will see New Moon whenever I get a chance.

I never thought I'd read the books....I read a lot, and I'll be honest here, I thought I was a little above it! :) But I read one, and was hooked!