Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tips From Lexipol: A Rookie Review by HF

As a rookie cop I’m always looking for ways to develop new skills and improve my existing set. One night I overheard this nerdy voice playing out over my patrol sergeant’s desktop speakers in the patrol office. The voice was touting the benefits of filling up fleet vehicles at the end of your shift. The guy made sense; and since common sense seems to be in short supply wherever I go, I had to find out who he was.

It turns out he was none other than Gordan Graham. I had no idea who Gordon Graham is so I asked my sergeant. If you don’t know who Gordan Graham is, check out his biography here. That night I subscribed to Mr. Graham’s tips from the company Lexipol. Every week I get an email from Lexipol with a link to a new tip that benefits public safety personnel . These are always informative and useful reminders or new bits of information that help keep me focused on my job as a police officer. The tips are not very long and just feature a small video of Mr. Graham speaking in the corner of your browser. His insight is accurate, concise and well presented.

Mr. Graham is an expert in risk management who knows what he’s talking about, especially when it comes to law enforcement. This is the kind of guy who I want giving me tips. Check it out for yourself if you’ve never heard of him. If you have heard of him, then I’m sure this is old but good news.


Christopher said...

We use Lexipol to maintain and update our general orders, but oddly enough, I'd never heard of Graham. I'll check him out. I can deal with nerdy.

Handcuffed Heart said...

I'm pretty sure that at DH's dept they are required to fill up before they turn in their cars... unless some bit stuff hits the fan and you really run out of time. It sounds like that may not be a common practice, from what you said here.

jediwife said...

I went ahead and signed my husband up for this weekly tip--I think he'll find it really useful!