Monday, May 16, 2011

two years on the job

This cake is crazy! HF's graduation cake. You can walk down memory lane with me here.

I have neglected my blogging duties for quite some time now haven't I. There have been a couple of milestones. HF had his 2 year anniversary of becoming a police officer. Can you believe it's been 2 years?! We also celebrated our 9 year anniversary on May 4th.

Here is some of what HF has accomplished in two years:
  • He's a R.A.D. basic instructor.
  • He completed our state's  Peace Officers Standards and Training Instructor Program, which enables him to become a POST certified instructor for our state.
  • He became First responder, First aid, Adult-child-infant CPR certified through both the American Heart Association and the Red Cross, and went through an EMT basic program.
  • He successfully completed the Department of Homeland Security's online NIMS and ICS program.
  • He graduated from the Center for Domestic Preparedness' COBRA program.
  • He became a member of the SWAT Team.
  • He completed a Multijursidictional Counterdrug Task Force Training on Inverviews and Body Language Techniques
  • He completed the Verbal Judo course
  • I must also add that he is now a biker! HF recently bought a motorcycle (a Suzuki Intruder 800) and has been gallivanting across the land. I've always loved a guy on a bike. Especially one with just a t-shirt and no protection and some cool shades, but remember HF is the safety first and rule keeper guy so he is leathered up and helmeted, and as you might guess I am not allowed to ride behind him (there's even a little seat for moi!) for 6 months or until he's comfortable! I guess I should appreciate his level headedness and all, but I've got my fantasies.
  • Oh, and also he's less jumpy and hyper and I guess obvious is the word I'm looking for. He is much more relaxed and confident and calm. Read: No more personal bodyguard standing with his back to me as I get in the car, eyes darting in all directions. I mean, he's always been protective, but now he is much less intense about it all.
 Now. Here is some of what I have accomplished as a police wife in the past two years:
  • I don't even flinch when I drive past or am parked next to a police car.
  • I'm not shocked by anything
  • I don't notice every little thing that HF is doing that is new to me or unusual. If I do notice it, I don't care.
  • I still consider myself a rookie police wife because there is much to be seen or learned or dealt with.
  • I can now roll with the punches. I still hate graves, but I can adjust to any schedule that HF finds himself on with finesse. I like that word finesse.
  • I can sing Destiny Chid's Independent Woman and mean it (except he is my sugar daddy). I really have become an independent woman. I still need him and want him though. And I still need him to rescue me from our children on ocassion. . .
  • I know which seat HF is going to choose to sit at when we go out, or which side to be on when we are walking so he can access his gun if needs be. This is done without much thought!
  • I have learned to question later. If at all.
  • I realize that even though the newness of LEO life that I blogged about so much in the beginning has worn off, it was an important process for me to go through as I learned to make sense of everything and transition into what would become our "new normal". I smile as I reflect on the early days and my inexperience and lack of full comprehension. But that beginning is so exciting and bizarre and mind opening and more, that blogging the journey helped me process that mixture of emotions (fear, excitement, pride, worry, etc.) and loneliness. I needed to know that others could relate and also tell me that it was normal (or not normal) and what to expect  in 5, 10, 20, or 30 years ahead.
  • I also know that we won't ever have a steady pattern for the rest of his career even though in a way, it is a steady pattern or rhythm in way. Does this make sense?
  • The importance of Dave Ramsey or other budget/debt elimination coaching
Some things I still need to work on:
  • Technology. I still have a bad habit of not keeping my cell phone on or near me. This is a bad one!
  • I still say things ocassionally like, "It's not a big deal!" or "Does that really matter though?" to his reasons for doing things (usually safety related).
  • I need to stop reading the news! Especially the comment section where people who don't have any idea say all kinds of crazy stuff about cops.
  • I need to not care or take so personally what friends/family say about cops in general.
  • I still haven't taken care of that expired license thing...


Yellow said...

I love it! I hope soon that I can mark some of the things of my "I have done/learned list" But there are things I still need to worry about, still need to stress about, and are still new. I am getting better, and as T-rex makes his first year as a road deputy I can say I have made a lot of changes in this life, so has he, and I think we love it.

rnraquel said...

That is the awesomest cake ever!

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to learn how to not take it personally when a friend or family member says something against cops. I have so many close friends now that wear the blue that I take it as a personal insult toward people I care about.

Congrats on all that you have achieved!

Meadowlark said...

License. Soon. You think not, but if you get stopped by the wrong person, it's going to make HF look bad. You don't want that. :(

Yeah... I still get fighting mad when people say stuff about cops - and we're past 16 years. Sheesh... I'm such a hothead. :)

mrs. fuzz said...

ML- Sheesh! Now I got you AND HF breathing down my neck. I will soon! I promise! :)

RoryBore said...

That cake is awesome! My guy is 10 years on this year. I should get him something like that.
I don't think I will ever put down "my dukes" when I hear people talking bad about cops. There are rotten apples in every profession - moms included - and I just don't stand for it directed at my man at all. He misses kids bdays, games, holidays, etc. so that others can safely enjoy Their's! And I don't think I will ever let that go unsaid. But I do try and be respectful in how I say it.

CAcopwife said...

I really like this post. There was lots that I either nodded my head to in agreement or amazement. I'm impressed at how grounded you are two years later. I'm still working out the kinks. But we are certainly getting there one day at a time.

Anonymous said...

Rookie till 5 years. 3 at min. I hope his department paid for all them classes.

mrs. fuzz said...

Mr. Police Man- His department is BIG on training. They paid for most of them. He did R.A.D. on his own and maybe one other?

The Officer said...

This was a great read and recap. I mostly enjoyed reading about what you have learned as a cop wife. I am looking forward to having my wife make a list of what she has learned. Thank you for sharing.

MJ said...

Wow! He has done a lot in two years, congrats to him! I have been begging DH to find a Verbal Judo class. I feel like I was right about where you are at two years. And to be honest, going on four I am still struggling with the things you are now. Although, I did learn not to subscribe to our local, police-hating newspaper. Kudos to you both for growing together :)

Mrs. Gumshoe said...

Great post! I can identify with it all...especially knowing exactly which seat Gumshoe will take or where he will walk in order to best reach his firearm! Funny. I think it's a consensus, however, that we wives will never quite be able to completely brush off those digging comments. It's just too personal about the guys we love and know work so hard for little to no thanks. I'm still working on it myself!

MONICA-LnP said...

LOVE the cake,especially those piggies!!what a great idea never once thought of doing that for the hubs guess I will have to wait til next year since his 11th anniv. was last month!
Congrats to HF on all his accomplishments and to you on how well you've adapted to the craziness of their jobs.
Though I should know better I still read the comments section and get so pissed off!

Pam Landy said...

Congratulations at all your accomplishments, the pair o' ye! Thanks for the update!

KD said...

I miss you! :( :( :(

mrsofficer said...

aww I love this cake! Im going to try to duplicate this, although my hubs hire date was june3 im gonna go with when he graduated this decbut it has been officially 7yrs! I cant wait for him to see the cake.Thanks for the idea and congrats to the hubby and you!this is def a lifestyle

PoliceOfficer said...

I have been a police officers wife for 5 years now, and everything you just said was and is exactly how I still feel! I couldn't have said it more perfectly myself!